Restaurant review: Suri’s Flavors

This little Indian place is easy to miss.  It’s part of a small convenience store/post office.

Although there are tables for outside seating, and a counter with stools for dining in, this place is largely a takeout operation.

The menu has a range of offerings, from the familiar butter chicken, and chicken curry, to  bhel puri and shahi chaat (I’ll admit, I’m not *that* familiar with Indian cuisine, so I’m not quite sure what they are).

And for those needing to dine on the run, they have a number of menu items served like a wrap sandwich (rolled in naan bread).

I ordered the chicken curry to go.

chicken curry (close up).   It comes with a generous side of rice (studded with diced carrots, peas and corn), punctuated with light spices, as well as a simple green salad. The curry is tasty, rich in spices and flavor, although I found the chicken pieces a little dry (perhaps overcooked).

The naan is soft and warm, and soaks up the curry sauce really nicely.  I’m not sure, but I don’t think these were baked in a tandoor oven, they lack that slightly nutty flavor and char characterized by tandoor baked naan.

The portions are fairly generous, and a decent value.

The place itself is fairly new (opened only a month) so it’s spotless.

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  1. Deepak Suri says:

    Thanks Shiny this is Suri from Suri’s Flavors, appriciate your effort and comments

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