Restaurant review: DD Mau

In the last couple of years, there’s been a boom in “gourmet sandwich” places around town.  I’m thinking of Hubbub Sandwiches, Meat and Bread,  Dunn’s, Big Lou’s Butcher Shop, Between Two Buns, etc.  I think I saw a banh mi food cart around town in the last year as well.

So a week ago, a new sandwich place opened up on Pacific Boulevard in Yaletown, specializing in Vietnamese banh mi.    Banh mi sandwiches aren’t really new, and neither are Vietnamese delis that specialize in them.

Most Vietnamese sandwich delis are little hole-in-wall places that sell a tasty sandwich at a very reasonable price.  But that’s hard to do in expensive Yaletown, so DD Mau takes it a another level and bring it to you at a premium price.

For one, they load the sandwich up. This is the “classic” that I ordered

Around two or three times as many cold cuts your typical banh mi.  It came with a dollop of garlic aioli on the side. The bread is soft and chewy, and I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t as crusty as most banh mi tend to be.  That said, the cold cuts and pate inside were terrific.

I also ordered a side of spring rolls.

this was a bit disappointing.  There were actually a little soft.  I gather they were prepared well in advance, and left sitting under a heat lamp.  It tasted good, but there was no crunch when I bit into it.

Aside from the “classic” banh mi, DD Mau offers their sandwiches filled with grilled lemon grass chicken, barbecued pork, honey garlic beef, lemon grass tofu, barbecued duck, and crispy roast pork.   They can also top it off with a fried egg, or a chicken pate.

And for those sensitive to gluten, DD Mau offers the above with a rice vermicelli plate instead of in a bun.

It’s a small place, but very clean and contemporary, and staff seem pleasant.

DD Mau on Urbanspoon

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