Restaurant review: Killer Seafood and Pizza

I bought one of those “group buy” deals for this place at the northwest end of Robson street (same block as the Safeway).  It’s a tiny little place, seats, maybe dozen or so.

First off, I think they need to revisit the name of this place.   If I walked past a place called “Awesome Burger” or “Tasty Sushi”, I’d roll my eyes and walk past.  It’s hard for me to take a restaurant seriously when they do that…. same deal for “Killer Seafood”.

We stopped in for dinner and were immediately seated at a small table.

The house specialty is bouillabaisse.  This is a tomato broth based soup, stocked with cod, salmon, prawns, mussels and clams.

The soup is very good, rich, flavorful.  It’s served with a slice of toasted garlic bread and a dollop of saffron aioli

We needed at least a little roughage, so we ordered

Cold Roasted Vegetables.  This is a curious dish, since, although it’s called “cold” roasted vegetables, at least some of the vegetables in there were still warm.  The roasted peppers were.  They were served on a bed of cilantro pesto dressing.  Very tasty.

Finally, we had the

smoke salmon pizza.  This is a cheese pizza, once out of the oven, topped with slices of cold smoked salmon, and dressed with a dill cream cheese sauce.   Bearing in mind that for the past year, I’ve been indulging in a lot “Neapolitan” style pizza places that have popped up, so the contrast here is pretty sharp.  It’s not a bad pizza at all.  The crust is (comparatively) thick and bread-like.  I’m not sure that the cheese on the pizza, plus the cream cheese in the dressing is a great combination.

Seeing as I’ve developed a preference for thin crust pizza, I prefer the seafood to the pizza in this place.

I spied a few other tables with Fish & Chips, and that catches my eye.  I wanna try that next time.

The service was okay, reasonably prompt and efficient, but not as warm or genial as I’d like.  But I should cut them some slack.  This is a tiny operation.  The two fellows in the store are doing everything.  The food preparation, cooking, table service, bussing, etc.

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