Restaurant Review: Sunset Burgers

Using a “groupon” voucher, I stopped in at Sunset Burgers on Nelson street for lunch.

It’s a small and busy little spot (at least at lunch), and harkens to the late 80s/early 90s burger joint feel.  Bright neon, Patrick Nagel style murals on the walls, etc.  The only thing missing was a Duran Duran music set.

I feel strange in that I’m old enough to remember that era, and honestly, it’s not a time period that I feel nostalgic about.

But I digress.

I ordered the cheeseburger & fries.

This is a good burger.  It’s made-to-order, using fresh hamburger and a fresh greens.  The fries appear to be freshly cut, with the skins still on (I like that).

The service was a little slow, but given that it was the lunch rush with a full house, it was quite reasonable.

Even without the groupon voucher, the food is pretty reasonable (approximately $9 for a burger & fries combo).

Sunset Burgers on Urbanspoon


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