Restaurant Review: Fortune Garden

This was our regular family dinner.  This biggest variable is, which restaurant?  This week, it was Fortune Garden on West Broadway.

Dinner started with

fish maw soup. This is a simple delicate flavored soup, which is a probably a good starter for the bolder flavors in the subsequent dishes.

Followed by

peking duck skin wraps.

Fortune Garden serves their peking duck the traditional way.  The roast duck skin is crisp (with no duck meat), and the wraps are warm and soft, but to be honest, I prefer it with a little duck meat on it.

Although it can be served as just the roast duck skins in mandarin wraps, to me, the dish is incomplete without

the duck meat with crunchy fried rice vermicelli and vegetables in lettuce wraps.

Although I enjoy these wrap dishes, there’s never enough wraps.  Whether with the mandarin wraps or the lettuce wraps, there’s always surplus filling.

This was followed

by mushu pork (also with the mandarin wraps).   Although there was nothing wrong with this, I felt like it was missing something.  I think it could have used more seasoning.

Seems we had a theme going, with everything in wraps, drizzled with hoi-sin sauce. 🙂

Not that anyone was complaining.

A chicken dish followed

Shanghai fried chicken with sauce.  It’s a weak translation, I know.  The sauce is a sweetened soy & vinegar sauce, so it has a little bit of that sweet & sour flavor going.

Crispy Rice with assorted meat sauce.  Another weak translation, the sauce is more of a thick broth with ham, prawns, scallops, chicken, mushrooms and peas.  When poured over the crispy rice, it crackles and pops, and it crunches when you bite into it.

Overall, all dishes were well prepared and tasty.

As chinese restaurants go, the service is efficient and attentive.  Some of the servers were social enough to banter with the little toddlers, so they get some “friendly” marks for that.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is nice and clean, and they get marks from me for using green as the key color scheme.  A welcome break for the all to common red or gold in so many chinese establishments.

Fortune Garden on Urbanspoon

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