Restaurant Review: Brioche (urban bakery) in Gastown

It was just a food kinda day.

The plan was to attend a cooking class in Gastown, but not knowing the format of the class (is it hands on, or demonstration only, do we get to eat the food as we prepare it, or do we wait until the end of the class), we decided to grab a light lunch before heading to the class.

After milling up and down Water street, we found an awful lot of great places to eat… for dinner only.  As far as a Sunday lunch goes, the selection was much smaller, and we opted for Brioche (urban baking and catering).  We came in off the Water street entrance, which was probably a mistake, because the actual service counter is actually on Cordova Street, and we had to wind our way through quite a maze of halls (with signs directing our way) until we arrived in the cafe.

It’s a kitschy little place with brick walls, adorned with chalk board menus, and (what appear to be) original oil paintings by (presumably) local artists.

As the menu goes, it’s soup, salads, sandwiches, pizza and omelets, but all made to order, including house made bread.

We ordered the

cream of asparagus soup.   The soup was very nice,  smooth, full flavoured, properly seasoned.

I chose a

roasted vegetable sandwich.  This was very good.  House baked bread, lightly roasted eggplant, zucchini, onions, and peppers, with fresh lettuce and tomato and a smear of soft cheese (I think it was a fresh mozzarella, but I’m not sure).

My sister selected a

prosciutto and mozzarella sandwich.  Similarly made with house made fresh bread, and generous (somewhat thick) slices of prosciutto, soft mozzarella and fresh lettuce and tomato.  I felt that the prosciutto was a little too thick, it was getting pulled out of the sandwich as we ate.

The servers were pleasant enough, but the service was reasonable given that the sandwiches were made to order.

As a soup & sandwich places goes, Brioche is very good.  I’ll credit them for their use of house made bread, and the freshest, high quality ingredients.

Brioche on Urbanspoon


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