Cooking Class at the Cork & Fin in Gastown

As the second part of our “food kinda day”, we took a seafood preparation class at the Cork & Fin Restaurant in Gastown.

The preamble goes like this, my sister, after a lamentable experience trying to clean a fish brought home from the fish monger, saw a “Groupon” deal for a seafood cooking/preparation class, and convinced me to take the class with her.

This two hour class consisted of an hour of discussion on oysters (the species/varieties, where the grow, how they’re farmed, where to buy, different types of shucking knives, how to shuck) and a discussion on fresh whole fish (how to choose, where to buy, where not to buy, how to fillet), about 30 minutes of hands on instruction, followed by a light meal of bouillabaisse (made with the carcass of a sole that the chef fileted during the demonstration).

And after all that, to conclude the day, we attended a chinese banquet to celebrate the arrival of a relatives new baby (no pictures there).


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