Restaurant Review: Copa Cafe (in the Cambie Village)

It was sunday night, which is our “family dinner night” and we decided upon Copa Cafe in the Cambie Village in Vancouver.

This a fairly typical “Hong Kong” style cafe that serves a mixture of chinese and western dishes (basically a version north american cuisine that people in Hong Kong seem to like).  The establishment itself is quite clean and contemporary, which is a step up from most such HK style cafes.

HK style cafes are known for good value, providing large portions and “combo plates” at a reasonable price.

My brother ordered the

Beef Satay and Enoki Mushroom hot-pot.  This tasted reasonably good, but the sauce was pretty mild as curried satay sauces go.

Mom and sister ordered the

Iron Skillet set with grilled beef short rib and breaded pork chop with a creamy onion sauce, mixed vegetables and a side of rice.  The pork chop was a bit overcooked and dry, and the short rib was under seasoned and bland.  The sauce was decent though.  The mixed vegetables are really unremarkable, but they are a side dish element in this meal, so they’re not going to get that much love.

Iron Skillet set with a Half Chicken, and Breaded Cod fillet with onion sauce and mixed vegetables.   The fish was pretty good, but the chicken was overcooked and quite dry.  The sauce was decent enough.

By the standard of chinese restaurants, the servers here are pretty decent (I rate service in chinese restaurants a little more leniently.  Generally, most chinese restaurants strive for efficient service, rather than friendly/personable, and to be honest, most chinese diners consider service to be an after thought as well).

Overall, like most HK style cafes, Copa gets good marks for value and speedy service, but I’d give it barely passing grade on quality cuisine.  There are plenty of HK style cafes that do it better.

Copa Cafe 高柏餐廳 (Cambie) on Urbanspoon


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