Restaurant Review: Trilussa Pizza & Pane

In the last couple of years (since 2010), there’s been a surge of “authentic Italian” pizza places around Vancouver.

Nicli Antica Pizzeria, Verace Pizza and Enoteca, Pizzeria Farina, The Bibo, Campagnolo, etc.  I should mention I’ve tried most of them. 🙂

One of my favorites is Trilussa Pizza & Pane on Main & 28th.  This is a small family run place, which features “Pane Romano” (which is basically pizza as it’s prepared in Lazio & Rome).  This contrasts with so many of the other these new authentic pizza places that prepare it Neapolitan style.

The distinction is the crust.  Both are thin crust, but while Neapolitan style is crisp only around the edges, and otherwise soft and pliable toward the center, Roman style is crisp all the way through.

Note:  truly authentic Neapolitan also has a laundry list of other requirements:

  • flour must be Caputo “00”
  • dough must be hand rolled
  • tomatoes must be San Marzano
  • oven must be wood fired
  • cheese must be fresh water buffalo mozzarella from Campana

As far as I know, Roman style pizza does not have such stringent requirements.

But I digress….  we ordered the pizza combo special, which includes either soup or salad, a serving of pizza, and a beverage.

I chose the

green salad with balsamic dressing.

My dinner companion chose the

garden vegetable soup.

Both the soup and salad are made fresh, in-house, and pretty good, but they are just supporting cast for the main attraction, the pizza.

And we both ordered the

“Vancouver Pizza”, which features, a simple crust baked with tomato sauce, topped with a little creme fraiche, salad greens, cold smoked salmon, drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice.

This is (in my opinion) their best pizza offering.  It is simply fabulous when it’s made to order. The salmon is smooth and smoky, the lemon and creme fraiche is tangy, and the crust is crisp and warm.  Oh…..

There is another establishment in town that serves this pizza (Sciue) and they the quality is comparable.  But Sciue is downtown (and a bit more expensive).

Trilussa Pizza & Pane on Urbanspoon


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