Restaurant Review: Trattoria Italian Kitchen

Stopping for dinner at Trattoria was not the plan.  We wanted to catch a show at the Fifth Avenue Cinema, and grab some pizza at Novo Pizzeria & Wine Bar, but the wait was a bit too long, so we wandered down to Trattoria instead (where there was no wait).

We took a table on the patio, because it’s quieter outside the restaurant than it is inside.  Okay, nitpicking time….. why do so may restaurants crank the music so loud that you have to shout to hear the person sitting next to you?   Obviously somebody enjoys dining and socializing like this, but I’m not one of them. Guess I’m getting too old for this sort of thing.

Back to the food, since Trattoria was participating in Dine Out 2012, I ordered off the Dine Out feature menu, requesting the

cream of cauliflower soup with white truffle essence for a starter.  I found the soup to be pretty good, quite thick and creamy, but I didn’t taste very much of the cauliflower.  And though no fault of the chef or restaurant, I’m realizing that I’m not a fan of truffles, even essence of truffles.  The flavor doesn’t do anything for me.

For my entrée, I chose the

Roasted Pork Loin with red onion marmalade, braised kale and amarena cherry jus.  This was good.  The pork was tender, well seasoned and nicely prepared.  The red onion marmalade was a nice combination of sweet and tart, the braised kale was…. well, braised kale.  Actually, to be fair, I don’t normally like kale, but this was actually quite palatable, so props to the chef for that.

And finished with

Tiramisu with mocha anglaise.  Oh yes, this was the best part of my meal. Trattoria makes a good tiramisu.

My dinner companion ordered off the regular menu, starting with

Spinach salad with wild boar bacon, fennel, gorgonzola, toasted walnuts, balsamic vinaigrette (minus the fennel, since she’s doesn’t like it).  This was a pretty good spinach salad, fresh, crisp, sweet and tart from the balsamic, salty from the cheese, punctuated by the crisped bacon.

Followed by the 

carpaccio pizza (with shaved rare beef tenderloin, pesto, asiago and arugula).  I thought the pizza was “just okay”.  It tasted fine, but the pizza crust was surprisingly soft and bread-like.  I have to assume this was deliberate to avoid overcooking the rare beef?

I only say this because I’ve had Trattoria’s pizza once before (I believe it was the gorgonzola pizza with roasted squash, with roasted onions and sage) and found it crisp on the bottom, which is the way I like it.

Our server was very good.  Prompt, courteous, attentive, and quite accommodating when we informed her that were trying to catch a movie up the street.

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  1. Lilo says:

    Ohhh…you forgot to mention the yummy zeppole ci cioccolato! Mmmmmmm!

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