Restaurant Review: Lin Chinese Cuisine

Ah, now this is more to my liking.  FOOOOD!  I expect to do quite a  bit of these food related blog posts.

We stopped in for lunch at Lin’s Chinese Cuisine on West Broadway.
It was a full house when we arrived, but there was one table available in the back.

We ordered the mooshu pork with wraps,

(The pork was excellent, and the wraps were moist and just firm enough, but perhaps we should have ordered extra wraps.   We used up all the wraps with about half the pork remaining.  Do they expect us to make something like those gargantuan two-pound stuffed burritos?)

the pan fried pork buns,

(these were very good.  The filling was moist and delicious and the bun were spongy with just the right texture)

and the shanghai style stir fried rice cakes.

(this tasted pretty good, but we did find the dish a little on the oily side).

We’ve been to this restaurant several times before, and will probably return, mostly because the food is decent, and it’s fairly central (relative to where we live).

The server was efficient, but not especially genial (this seems to be the norm for most chinese restaurants though).  I should note that there is one server at Lin’s who stands out a especially pleasant and helpful, but she did not appear to be working on this occasion.

Lin Chinese Cuisine 林餐館 on Urbanspoon


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