Restaurant Review: Baoqi Eatery

I’ve walked past this little vietnamese place on the edge of Yaletown a hundred times, and always thought it looked like such a nice spot.

It’s a tiny little place on Davie Street, between Yamato Sushi and Peaceful Restaurant.  Seats maybe twenty guests, max.

But it’s bright, airy, with a wonderful minimalist esthetic feel, with lots of wood tones, and a gentle water feature at the end of the long table, nearest the windows.

I finally decided to give it a try.

I ordered the grilled lemon grass pork chop on rice vermicelli and mixed fish sauce.

The kitchen crew here seem to take pride in using the freshest ingredients possible.   The pork chop was tasty and well prepared with a bright taste of lemon grass, the fish sauce was fresh with the taste of lime & fish sauce, and veggies were crisp.

The entire room was permeated with the scent of ginger and lemongrass.

The server was prompt and attentive, but somewhat cold (smile, dude, it’ll get you more tips!)

BaoQi eateri on Urbanspoon

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